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Scary warning label on the anti-malarials I was prescribed.
Taipei airport at dawn
Departure board. Note the destinations: Ho Chi Minh city, etc.
Singapore doesn't mess around.
One of my my laptop's first tastes of foreign electricity. Note the comically huge power adapter.
Bamboat in Singapore
Famous fountain/statue at the mouth of the harbor.
Oldest extant bridge over the river in Singapore- 1869.
View from our hotel room in Kolkata. On the right-hand side you can see the new stadium, built ca 1990.
More of Salt Lake, from Kevin's room this time.
Clint, our first driver.
The host of the Indian version of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire"- "Kuan Banega 2 Crorepati". He is currently the highest-paid Indian actor, and is in everything from music videos to TV commercials. Note that he is wearing a leather (!) jacket. More than one person described him to me as a "National Hero".
City bus. Note the large "Danger" warning. Apparently, this is to warn people off of trying to jump on the back and snag a free ride. Many buses have spikes or other strong deterrents in addition to the danger warning.
Eating at one of the nicest Thai restaurants in Kolkata.
School bus. The lettering says "Obey The Traffic Rules"
Clint and Sidni's Toyota Qualis (a diesel SUV with seating for at least ten people). Note the numerous Audi badges.
Traffic jam
Ultadanga, a major intersection
More traffic
Many of the buses- and a lot of the trucks as well- have some sort of patriotic slogan painted on. "India Is Great" is a common one, as is "I Love My India" or "My India Is Great"
Clear Channel. They're freakin' everywhere, man.
New construction going up outside Tathya's office. Note liberal use of eucalyptus branches to hold up the top floor.
The lot immediately next to Tathya, flooding during a daily monsoon.
The view from the fourth floor of Tathya's building.
Wireless internet link
Sidni and one of the Space Town security guards.
One of the many call center buildings that have grown up like mushrooms in recent years.
Construction of a new call center/IT building. Note modern exterior with sketchy bamboo-based scaffolding.
Tea stand on the side of the road. One of thousands.
Laundry being done,
These are small marble structures that are kept in the home. Small statues of gods or goddesses are placed inside.
Child flying a kite outside Tathya's building.
Tathya's building, soon to contain a Ford dealershiip as well.
Security guard chasing away child with kite. Reason is unknown.
Negotiating about the price for the bicycle rickshaws.
Riding in one was somewhat harrowing.
Our rickshaw driver.
Birla Temple - along with Tata, one of the two big industrial groups of India Tata is Sindhi (now part of Pakistan), Birla is Marwari (originating in Rajasthan)
Debrosi (far right) and Ajunta (far left) outside Design Asia with the two proprieters of the shop (in the middle). They are smiling because between Dan, Kevin, and myself, we gave them their biggest day of business ever. And they were generally happy, friendly, smiley people.
Movie poster for "Da-Da" ("Elder Brother", term used by Bengalis to refer to peers who are older than themselves)
Parking lot at Dakshineswar (pronounced Da-khi-nesh-wa)
Monkeys at Dakshineswar
The staircase down to the river is called a "ghat". They are generally named after the donor who paid for their construction.
Bally bridge over Ganges
Dredging sand
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